Saturday, July 7, 2012

First Half of summer....

Summer is half over...I could cry. But I'm taking the positive approach...ya know, glass half full vs half empty.....if the second half of summer is anything like the first half, I'm in for loads of fun!!! I've been having so much fun, as a matter of fact, I have not blogged like I planned this summer. I've been much too busy!!! In my beginning of summer POST, I laid out my summer in a very organized manner. It worked great for two weeks, then I realized I didn't need that organization system. I created it to make sure my summer didn't get wasted away, but we were doing so much, there was not a minute to waste! So what have we done, well......
Six Flags, 3 weekend lake trips, weekend girls trip to beach, 2 weeks of swim lessons for little man, 2 weeks of VBS (one week of me teaching), trips to the library, participation in our library summer reading program, 2 family reunions, 2 cookouts with friends, 2 friends' birthday parties, 3 trips to a local water park, art projects inspired by pinterest, new recipes inspired by pinterest, one week of visiting our neighbor's pool while they were out of town (yes, we had permission), friends of little man's over to play, 4th of July events, outdoor movie, dollar summer kids movie at local theater, and yes, a girls night out to a movie for me as well....who hasn't seen Magic Mike?? I really do feel like there has been alot more, but you get the picture of how great, fantastic, and BUSY the first half of summer was for me!!
Is my 2nd half as busy??....umm, yes and no. I have planned some pajama days for little man and me to have at home during July. I mean, really, I don't want to feel like I need a vacation from summer. But I find myself quickly bored, so I need to stay busy. Coming up we have..... little man's birthday and birthday party, another trip to water park, a pool party with friends, a girls only day trip to the lake, another outdoor movie, a week long trip to beach with my whole family, 2 more dollar kids movie, planning my hubby's 40TH (OMG...when did he get old), back to school clothes shopping for little man, and hopefully (and this is wishful thinking) more new recipes and even preparing frozen meals to cook when school starts back!! So I'm off to finish the rest of my summer. Forgive me if you do not hear back from me for a while, but I'm going to savor every moment of these next 4 weeks and make as many memories as possible......until I return, here are some pictures of pinterest inspired projects we have done......

This was created by little man and myself. It hangs in the playroom. Here is the pinterest LINK. Obviously not as cute, but afterall it was created by an unartistic woman and a 5 year old boy!

SPONGE BOMBS!!!! I can't find my pinterest link. All you have to do it cut a sponge into strips and tie them together in the middle (Iused a rubber band). Get a bucket of water, soak, and throw at each other!

GLOW IN THE DARK BALLOONS!! We used 2 pinsprations for this project. We created the balloons using this LINK and put the balloons to use by using this LINK.

This was not pinterest inspired, but rather "Little man" inspired :) Hangs in the playroom.
Pinned Image

Not my own photo, but we have also done this. Here is the pinterest LINK!

As for recipes I have tried.....the SALSA CHICKEN was ok, COOL WHIP COOKIE easy and good, BUTTERFINGER PIE YUMMY, Protien Enery Bites perfect!


  1. Those artwork pieces are adorable! Seems like you have had a fun summer so far :)

  2. I'm a new follower!! Just found your blog YAY!!!! I hope you'll check out my blog sometime:)

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