Friday, January 20, 2012

Pictures of Recent Class Activities has been back in session for 13 days since Christmas....and I have been out 3 of them, two because I was sick and 1 because little man was sick. In the 10 days I have been there, we have done so MANY activities, I've gotten a new student, and I have welcomed a student intern, who is doing a great job! I wanted to share some of the things we have been up to and the easiest way is through pictures, so take a look.......
HAPPY NEW YEAR! We celebrated 2012 with party hats, blowers, and chinese lanterns. We also completed the 2012 Math Freebie that I created. It can be found HERE.

We used marshmallows and toothpicks to create 2D and 3D shapes. We also graphed who likes and does not like marshmallows in the hot chocolate. 

SNOW....we made snowglobes using a glue and shaving cream combination that I found on PINTEREST. We did "If I Lived In A Snowglobe" writing that I have seen through out blog world. Keeping to the snow theme, we made snowflakes folding paper circle in fractional parts before cutting into flakes.

SCIENCE: Changes in Matter....we've been busy with science experiments from testing what items will and will not dissolve in a liquid, tearing a solid to create new shapes, finding out what happens when you mix baking soda and vinager, and making ice cream in a bag!

For more about science experiments I've been doing in my classroom and the unit that I created, check out my CHANGES IN MATTER BLOG POST.

SHAVING CREAM FUN! After creating our art work with shaving cream, we sprayed shaving cream all over our desks and practiced our spelling words.

Coming up in coming weeks-----Jan Brett's The Mitten with a craftivity and possessive noun lesson, Who Can Blow A Bubble fraction lesson, making pizza unit that includes lessons on fractions, transition words, and graphs.


  1. Love the shaving cream...except that the smell gives me a headache! =) lol
    First Grade Blue SKies

  2. I'm so glad you posted this picture of the shaving cream spelling. I used to do this all the time when I taught first and I'm not sure why I got away from it. I'm going to put this in my lesson plans next week. :)

    I'm your newest follower. Love your blog! Hope you can come visit mine, and enter my giveaway. $10 to Scrappin' Doodles! :)

    Second Grade Sugar and Spice


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