Thursday, December 22, 2011

YUMMY! Holiday Breakfast treat

UPDATE: Prior to writing this post, I only had the recipe from pinterest. A blog friend posted the exact website link to this recipe. I had no idea that these were called resurrection rolls and are a great EASTER cooking activity to do with yourchildren while teaching about the resurrection. I will be posting this again at Easter, but for now, this is will part of our Christmas breakfast menu :)

WOW!!! So while I am home on vacay, I am determined to try to bake/cook some of these great pinterest recipes and create some of these cute crafts. I must share with you this oh so YUMMY AND EASY RECIPE. I am not a big marshmallow fan, but you can't even taste the marshmallow. When this is done, it is so warm and gooey and sweet!! You must try it! All you need is crescent rolls, marshmallows, butter, sugar, and cinnamon!!!!!! MMMMMMMM........


  1. Here is the link to the recipe....they look really yummy!


  2. Oh, yummy! I've never had anything bad made from crescent rolls... On my Pinterest, I have a recipe pinned for sopapilla cheesecake made with crescent rolls and it is easy and delish.
    2B Honey Bunch

  3. Thanks Ali. I will update the post now to include the link. Thanks again!


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