Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Holiday Fun Pinterest Style

What was life like without Pinterest? I only heard about pinterest this summer and now a day doesn't go by that I don't pin something! I wanted to share some of the pinspirations I used over the holidays that you may enjoy too!
First you can check out this blog post: YUMMY: HOLIDAY BREAKFAST TREAT to see the warm gooey treat I made my family Christmas morning. I found the idea on pinterest.

I'm sure you all have seen recipes for Oreo Truffles on pinterest.If not, click  HERE for the recipe.  Here is a look ot these delicious bites of candy (These are NOT the ones I made!!! Mine were not nearly as pretty and smooth!):
I made these, but with a twist. I used MINT oreos and a splash of peppermint extract in the chocolate mixture for a minty holiday taste. Just a heads up though... I rolled the chocolate balls too large. They really are better when rolled into a smaller portion.
Finally, our annual cookies and milk for Santa was made a little more festive this year! Check out the rim of the glass of milk:
So much fun for little man!! He even got to drink his milk like this Christmas morning. We created this festive glass of milk by spreading a bit of chocolate icing on the rim of the glass and then covering in sprinkles. Easy Peasy! I got the idea from THIS PINTEREST LINK.

I hope you and your family had a magical and memorable Christmas!

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  1. omg!!!! those Oreo Truffles look amazing!!!! I see such yummy pins on pinterest and have to force myself not to run to the kitchen!!!

    ❤ Mor Zrihen ❤
    A Teacher's Treasure


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