Monday, December 19, 2011

Getting Real: a teacher mom on Christmas Break

Have you ever gone through all the great blogs you read and left feeling like a crappy mom (or teacher) because you do not keep an immaculate house, bake perfect cake pops, throw glittery & shimmery parties, or make the craftiest of crafts with your kids? Don't worry, you are not alone. I feel that way too sometimes. Sometimes I read teacher blogs and wonder what magical powers some of you have because there doesn't ever seem to be a kink in your school day. Your day seems to go exactly the way mine goes in my dreams, but not in my reality.

Today, someone shared this hilarious blog post with me from People I Want To Punch In The Throat about the Overachieving Elf on the Shelf Mommy. I laughed so hard I cried!!!!!! This blogger really keeps it real. She is my kind of mommy!!!!

So, I thought I would take a minute to keep myself real for you....what it is like for me as a Teacher Mommy. First of all, last week, my personal child got ZERO attention from me because I was so busy getting everything ready for my classroom holiday activities and parties. I was working overtime doing so because I was trying to make things as cute as all of you do on your blogs! I posted pictures of our fun Polar Express Coco Bar, but what you don't see in the pictures are the spills of hot chocolate on the floor  because some kids can't help but to run around and bump into each other with hot coco in their hands. When the day finally ended, I came home, put on my pajamas and was sound asleep by 7:30. This weekend, I gave full attention to my family. We have been jingle belling and holly jollying all weekend long......but guess what has not gotten work. So today, my first full day at home on this Christmas break, I have not come out of my pajamas and attempted house cleaning but stopping every so often for a pillow fight or army men battle all prompted by my 5 year old.

 Here are a couple of pictures, not of some super cute craft I'm working on, but of what my house looked like this morning and chances are will look like all week.....because lets GET REAL.....I'm not June Clever, I'm a tired teacher mom on Christmas Break who only plans to have pillow fights, play army men, eat junk, drink hot chocolate and stay in my jammies this week :) Merry Christmas!


  1. you think that looks bad? You should have seen my closets yesterday morning before all my guests arrived for my cookie party! Welll you could look now because they still look the SAME full of dirty and clean laundry yep you guessed it MIXED! Your kids will long remember the pillow fights and army men battles long after they remember what your house looked like or how many crafts you made. I know my kids are way past that stage...enjoy them now. They will be grown tomorrow!

  2. I'm with ya....I went from jammies to sweats today....why bother:) My to do list was long and all I got accomplished was baking my hubs bday cake:) Word of advise.....leave the housework, dishes, laundry, and enjoy every last second and memory with your little man. Take it from me (mom of now and 18 and 15 year old) the times flies by and then it's gone:.(

    P.S. I read that post too and about wet my pants laughing!!!

    4th Grade Frolics

  3. Haven't read it yet (headed there) BUT I feel you!!!! We get out the 21st and when my hubby told me he was taking the 22nd off I said to him "you know that is a required sleep in, stay in jammies, do nothing, lazy day right!" He said "yeah" and I said "no seriously, for real."

    The last time he did that I remember him annoying me with his wanting to do this and that. Have a great break!

  4. I'm not alone - hallelujah! My house looks like a tornado swept through it and I've done NO shopping yet, eek! I found that blog too and almost peed myself laughing! Loved it!!

    Thanks for keeping it real ;)
    Sunny Days In Second Grade

  5. good for you sista!! It is YOUR vacation - you can do what you want!! I, myself, can't wait to have a day of jammies!! woohoo!

    ♥ Jen Ross
    The Teachers' Cauldron

  6. Thanks for keeping it real. I thought I was all alone in feeling this way.

  7. you had me laughing so hard at the begining of your post!!!! NO one's home or classroom is perfect!!!! I know mine isn't!!!! I also threw a hot chocolate party {what the %$#* was I thinking?!?!?!) for 6 classes on friday!!!! I wanted to die in the end!!!!

    Enjoy the break!

    Happy Holidays!

    ❤ Mor Zrihen ❤
    A Teacher's Treasure

  8. My tree (at home) is up but not really decorated yet. Thank God it came with lights already on it! After school is out on Thursday, I will come home, clean, and decorate for the company that comes on Saturday. Oh, and finish shopping!!
    Cheers to being a "real" tired, teacher-mom!
    2B Honey Bunch

  9. You know why I hate cleaning with toddlers because in 5 minutes it is a mess again. then when I acutally do clean I see how discusting my carpets are and decide it is better to just leave it be to avoid looking at the stains. I tell my husband if you want a clean house I will have to quit being a teacher because I am just too tired when I come home.

  10. I just linked up to this post. I am hosting a teacher clean up your home linky party at

    This is my first linky party. I hope it works!!!

  11. Thanks so much for the shout out! I really appreciate it. I'm glad you enjoyed my Elf rant.

    I'm glad you did the cocoa party. The boy was in Kindergarten last year and the hot cocoa party was messy I'm sure, but it is one of his most treasured memories of school. Thanks to all you teachers for making school fun and memorable for my kiddos!!


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