Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Solution to "No Name" Papers?

One of the teacher pages I follow on facebook had a discussion about "no name" papers. Typically I can figure out whose paper doesn't have a name on it through observing the handwriting. However, I like for student to make a habit of putting names on their papers at an early age to prevent problems in upper grades (such as reduced grades as some teacher stated they do). So, I LOVED one idea a teacher shared. She said that each day she assigned a shape for the students to put at the end of their name and they could doodle something from the shape. For example, she may assign a triangle and some kids may doodle an ice cream cone or a girl in a dress. She said she never had an issue with no name papers after this because the kids looked forward to doodling a picture after their name. I thought this was such a cute idea. I will be trying this for sure!!


  1. How cute!! I love this idea and it will be perfect for my second graders! I have a little song I sing with my kinders and firsties, but my 2nd graders STILL need reminders and the song is too baby-ish. They will enjoy this and it will keep me from pulling out my hair when I'm grading! Thanks :)

    Ms. Preppy's Adventures in Primary and Polka Dots

  2. What a good idea! I will definitely try this with my 4th graders!

  3. When papers are handed out, I remind the kids to put their name, number, and the "secret" date code on the top. Then after about a minute I say something like "If your name is on your paper whisper abracadabra." Or any other silly or relevant thing you want. My kiddos love it and can't wait to see what I want them to say.

    2B Honey Bunch


Giving Credit

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