Tuesday, September 13, 2011

"But My Daddy Does It": A Lesson Learned

So, little man is in Prek. He has a great teacher who I will call Mr. D. As usual, I asked Mr. D how little man's day was today. He responded by saying it was good but he would like for me to speak with little man about not tearing things up. Tearing things up? Oh goodness, what has he torn up?! It was explained to me that little man took cereal boxes that was used for imaginary play and tore them up. Wow, I thought, that sounds distructive, but my little man isn't typically distructive. I wonder what in the world got into him.
Very frustrated, I asked little man why he tore up Mr. D's cereal boxes. Our conversation went like this:

Little Man: They were in the kitchen (center) and they were empty
Me (getting more annoyed): I don't care if they were empty. You shouldn't have torn them up.
Little Man: But my daddy does it

I stood in that moment connecting all the dots.....kitchen, empty cereal boxes, daddy does it......Little man wasn't being distructive, he was RECYCLING.....breaking down empty boxes just like his daddy does at home.

As I reflect on this, I wonder how many times as a mom and teacher I react to what a child is doing that I view as "inappropriate behavior" when in fact, there is a logical reason for the behavior in the child's mind. I learned an important lesson today: always discuss the action with the child before jumping to conclusions and reacting.

Little man learned a lesson too: DON'T TEAR ANYTHING UP UNLESS YOU ASK AN ADULT!


  1. Such a sweet story...bless him, he was helping the Earth:) Great lesson you shared as well:)


  2. Aww that is just too cute a story, I bet he was so confused about getting in trouble lol. What a good reminder to ask first before we jump to conclusions!

    Jennifer @ Herding Kats In Kindergarten

  3. Oh that is adorable. What a great lesson too :)

  4. Loved the story. Thanks for sharing.

    I wanted to let you know that I have nominated your blog for the Versatile Blogger Award.

    More details are available on my blog.

    ❤Vintage Teacher
    Vintage Teacher

  5. This is so cute!!

    It's also a really valuable lesson as a teacher. I try to figure out why a student is misbehaving. I always think there is a reason for their misbehavior, and if I can figure that out we'll all be better off!



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