Monday, August 1, 2011

That's my alarm?

That is how my morning asking that MY alarm?? See, all summer I have heard the alarm ring at 5:30 AM for my husband to get up for work, but I have trained my body to sleep right through it. I don't even hear it any more really. And today was no different----I ignored it, didn't hear it. It wasn't until my husband finally asked "ARE YOU GETTING UP?" that I realized the alarm was set for me too!! Yes, my 5:30 AM's started today with my first day of preplanning. It was VERY hard to get up this morning, especially because we just got a new tempur-pedic matress on Friday that makes we want to stay in bed all day!! NEVER buy a new matress two days before school starts!

Preplanning went wonderfully, with the exception that I got very little accomplished!! It was meeting after meeting, but most were meetings that needed to take place. We have a brand new administrative staff with lots of new and wonderful changes. It was neccessary to meet to discuss and understand these changes. I just wished we hadn't been furloughed a preplanning day because that extra day could have been used for all the meetings. Oh well, it is what it is. And I am SUPER DUPER excited about this year for many reasons!

This summer, I have LOVED blogging almost every day. But with school starting, I worry I will not have as much time in a day as I need. I'm making a pact with myself to blog at least once a week and try to make it something that the followers who are teachers can use in their classroom and/or my mom followers can use at home. But sometimes I may just ramble like I am tonight.......
Happy New Year (school year, that is!)


  1. I feel the same....meetings, then my laptop wouldn't work at all so I couldn't access stuff I needed to work....changes, you said, it is what it is..I am super excited though to use all the new stuff I've learned/bought/won/downloaded in my classroom this year:))

    4th Grade Frolics

  2. Oh! I'm soooo dreading that darn alarm! I haven't worked in 5 months (bad accident). It's going to be tough! LOL'ed at your new mattress comment! Too funny! Hope all your changes and new year run smoothly!
    Counting with Coffee

  3. I literally laughed several times and it started with the title!


  4. Haha.. Happy new year! Hope all goes well and that you have a fantastic beginning of the school year!

    I am new to blogging, come check out my site!

  5. I have also trained myself to ignore my husband's alarm. It's going to be really hard to start getting up early next week. I agree with being worried about time to blog. Once a week is a good goal--and make it count. Some of the posts I've read this summer have been so pointless. They tend to be about a TpT item for sale or a blog giveaway. I'm hoping to see some amazing ideas once school starts back.

  6. I think we all have that "ignoring the alarm" thing down pat. Hope you have a great year!



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