Thursday, July 21, 2011

Warm Fuzzy

You know that warm, fuzzy feeling you get inside when your happy??? Well, when my class gives me warm, fuzzy feelings because the are behaving wonderfully, following directions, and/or working well together......I add a WARM FUZZY to our warm fuzzy can. When we get 10 warm fuzzies, we get a class reward. The rewards vary. I use craft pom-poms as "warm fuzzy". The kids love it. The pink can came from the dollar section at Target (last year), but i did find some shiney craft pom-poms in the Target dollar section this year!! YEAH! May use them when I feel EXTRA warm and fuzzy since they are so fancy. The words were put on the pink can by my friend Ashley at The Polka Dot Patch.


  1. I just "pinned" the photo; this is a terrific idea! Must add pompoms to my wish list!


  2. I do warm fuzzies in my class too. Another thing I do with warm fuzzies is that I have a warm fuzzy container in the middle of each table group. Groups can earn warm fuzzies and then at the end of the week we dump them into the class warm fuzzy container. It's a win-win since the students want their table and other tables to earn them so they can be added to the class container. I love your warm fuzzy container - super cute!

  3. I used warm fuzzies when I taught first. Loved them! Now I'm trying to think of something similar that's more appropriate for my 4th graders.


  4. I love this idea! Kid's love being able to keep something and this is a very inexpensive way to do it! I have heard of warm fuzzies but only seen the kind with the tags and eyeballs on them. This should be easy enough to do! I pinned it! =)

    Empowering Little Learners!

  5. I've used Warm Fuzzies with Kindergarten through third grade. I have two for my fuzzies, one for students. I use it as a bank system (deposits and withdrawals). It's amazing how quickly the students calm down when I begin removing from their can...

    Melly <><

    Second Grade Strategies

  6. Here's an idea for your fancy-fuzzies... If you see an individual child doing something incredibly thoughtful/kind for another student (helping with reading, picking up a dropped item, including the normally left-out child in a game, giving someone a compliment, etc), they get a "star" fuzzy... they can trade in 5 or 10 for a personal rewards of some kind.

  7. love the idea! I'm pinning this and may just have to use it! :) Thanks!


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