Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Volume Control Linky Party

Miss Kindergarten is have a classroom management link party focusing on volume control. I am linking to share a few of ideas I use. I vary my methods so students do not get too used to one thing and begin ignoring it.
During independent work or small group work:
Lights: I've used this for a long time. When lights are out, this is a signal that it should be quiet as a mouse in the room. When lights are dim, this is a signal that soft talking is allowed.
Music: Playing soft music in the background and reminding students their voices should not be louder than the music.
White Noise: I LOVE white noise. Not sure why it was just this past school year when I brought this into my classroom. I used it much like the music, reminding students not to get their voices above the white noise. HOWEVER, unlike the music, I noticed that often times NO talking occurred. The white noise actually helped many students focus more on their work. WOW! I even had students requesting the white noise. The favorite in the classroom was river rapids.
In the hall:
One of my favorite ready for the hall poems is Marshmallow Toes. I think I originally found this on Christina Bainbridge's website a couple of years ago. Anyway, we say this poem as we leave our classroom. In the past, I have given students who do this exceptionally, a mini marshmallow. Get you own copy of the poem by clicking on the title above the picture.

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  1. I absolutely love these ideas. I am a fellow Ga teacher. I am your newest follower. I teach a good deal of staff development K-2 and I am always looking for great sites to share. Your blog will be on my list!


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