Monday, July 11, 2011

Salt Art in a Jar

Did you ever make sand art as a kid? I remember doing this at the annual country fair in my town. Well, this weekend, I did it with my son, but I used SALT instead of sand. Much CHEAPER!!!!! I got grocery store brand salt on sale for only $0.47! Here are the easy directions:
1. Gather 3 bowls. Put salt in each bowl.
2. In each bowl of salt, add 2 drops of food coloring, a different color for each bowl. **WARNING** food coloring stains clothes
3. Mix the salt and food coloring until the salt turns the color you want.
4. Using a kitchen funnel, layer the salt into a jar (I used a Mason jar).
5. Push a wooden skewer along the sides of the jar so that the top layer of salt mixes along the sides of the second layer of salt and so on. Continue this until you have a design you like.
I'll post soon how we used these as decorations for my son's birthday party!


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Giving Credit

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