Monday, July 11, 2011

Marshmallow Pops--a birthday delight!

We celebrated my little man's 5th birthday this weekend. It was a Par-tay in the Park with lots of sweaty little ones running around! Fun Fun! My son helped me make some of the decorations and treats. By far, the most fun for him was making the Marshmallow Pops AND they were a hit with the kids at the party too!
1. Put white icing in a bowl. Add your choice of food coloring. Mix until the icing becomes the color you desire.
2. Put a marshmallow on a lollipop stick.
3. Spread icing over top of marshmallow.
4. Top with sprinkles.
Tip: If you do not plan to eat them all right away, allow icing time to dry. Then place in an air tight container. The marshmallow will stale if left out too long. My sticks are in a block of styrofoam.
Here are a few other decorations we did for the party:

We painted a piece of wood with chalkboard paint. We used a plate stand as a display stand.
We used a piece of wood painted with chalkboard paint to display at the party favor table as well. The kids left with sidewalk chalk and played with sidewalk chalk at the park. Sort of went with the theme. The jars holding the balloons are SALT ART IN A JAR. I posted directions for that fun project in an earlier post. Click HERE to get it.


  1. Leigh, I made those marshmallow pops when we were potting training as treats! I was surprised how cute and easy they were. Did the icing melt at the party from the heat?? I've also seen them with dark chocolate and graham cracker smores! :) Looks like Daniel's little party was a blast! He is so blessed to have you two for parents!!

  2. Alison, I kept them in a container in the ice chest until it was time to eat them to keep it from melting. I have also seen the smores ones and on my list of Fall snacks to make. I used icing this time instead of melting chocolate bc I DO NOT like the clean up when I have melted chocolate. Took the easy way out. Thanks for the sweet comments :)


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