Friday, July 8, 2011

A Mama Post: Being a Modern Mama sprinkled with a little June Cleaver

I decided today that I am a Modern Mama sprinkled with a little June Cleaver...

The modern mama in me: I am a working mama and proud to have a successful career, not because I "have" to but because I want to. I like to shop for MYSELF. I am concerned about NOT "letting myself go" I get pedicures and hair color. I have girls nights out and weekend get-aways with my husband ALONE. I have no problem with sending my child to daycare. As a matter of fact....I think daycare has been an exceptional experience for him socially. I love to order pizza vs cooking. As a modern mama, I know that it is important for me to stay "me" in order for me to stay a "good mama".
Top that with Sprinkles of June Cleaver: I believe if you want to be a working mom, it is important to find a job that does not require more devotion than you give your family. Family over Job 100%. While girls night out is fun, they should not occur more often than FAMILY NIGHT.  I believe in extracurricular activities for the kids and I believe MOM should be there. I believe family vacations are as necessary as romantic weekend get-aways. I believe when you pick your child up from daycare/school, you talk about their day, know their friends, know their teachers. And when you get home, be with your child. Having cooked supper or ordered pizza, it doesn't matter. But sitting around the table with your family does. And at the end of the day, tuck your child in, say prayers together, and give a kiss goodnight.
Just a random post about my thoughts as I added sprinkles to cupcakes I baked instead of going to the store and buying them. That was my June Cleaver moment today.

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  1. What a sweet post! You are such a good mama to that sweet little man you have!


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