Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Glow in the Dark Jar---DIY

Oh my goodness, the many ways I could use this EASY and CHEAP project!! It can be "fireflies in a jar", a night light, a lantern on a picnic table, line a walkway during a party. So many possibilities!!!
I first saw this on PINTEREST and knew I had to try it with my 5 yr old!!
1. Cut a glow stick and shake the contents into a jar.
2. Seal the top with a lid.
3. Shake.
I found glow sticks at the Dollar Tree.  I used a mason jar that I had left over from the Salt Art in a Jar project. For more information on that project, click HERE.
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**WARNINGS AND TIPS: Be sure to read the warning on the back of the glowstick package. The ones I used were nontoxic but will stain clothes. Also, I used glowstick necklaces with the though that it would be easier to cut than a thick glow stick.**


  1. That is great! What a fun idea. Have to put glow sticks on my list for Dollar Tree.

  2. Very cool! I saw those on Pinterest and thought it was neat. Thanks for linking up! :D

  3. This jar will only last a few hours. To make one that is rechargeable paint dots of glow in the dark paint to the inside of the jar.


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