Friday, July 29, 2011

Giveaway continues and Blogging Buddies

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Six months ago, I hadn't looked at any blog! I was not a blogger, had no interest in blogging, and didn't know why people would want to blog. WOW, my attitude has changed!!! This is all thanks to my giveaway partner, Ashley, at The Polka Dot Patch.

Well, since I started blogging, a few other teacher-friends have started. I would like to introduce you to them and their blogs!

Tracey @ Our Cool School: Tracey was actually blogging before I started. I just didn't know it becuase I paid no attention to the blogging world at that time. She was a pre k teacher at my school, but will be teaching 3rd grade for the first time this year. That's a B-I-G jump. She is an incredible teacher, but her most important role is as a mom :)

Alison @ Choosing Life: Alison teaches 2nd grade with me. She is mom to two sweet baby girls. Her blog isn't just about the ins and outs of teaching, though you will get some great insight from her, but it is also about being a mommy and Christian. You'll get some yummy recipes too---I don't know how she stays so skinny...geez! :)

Beth @ Second Graders and Smelly Markers: Beth just started blogging this week!! So excited!! I worked with Beth in 2nd grade for two year before she moved to a different city. But she is a second grade teacher again and has a great sense of humor. You are sure to chuckle a time or two reading her blog. She also is a mom!!

Please enjoy these blogs and share the love!!!

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  1. Thanks for the shout out, Leigh! Your becoming famous in blogland!!!!


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