Monday, July 18, 2011

FREEBIE--Writing Ideas---Author's Week

(Free Copy Below)

Can you believe my students were EXCITED about HOMEWORK this past year???  Not just any homework, they were excited about CREATIVE WRITING homework!!!! What's my secret??? I'll share it now.....we cycled through what we called AUTHOR'S WEEK!!
Here is how it worked:

Each week, 3 students were assigned as AUTHORS for the week. This meant for homework that week, they were to write a story and be prepared to read it to the class on Friday. When they read their story to the class, they got to do something special-----sit in the AUTHOR'S CHAIR (picture below). Along with sitting in the author's chair, I also allowed them to bring in props that may help tell the story. They loved it!

Click HERE for your FREE copy of the directions I send home with student for this project. Take a look at my Author's Chair too! ( I plan to get a Birthday Chair this year). The chair is a basic folding chair from Target. My long time friend, Ashley at the The Polka Dot Patch, added the polka dots and words. I'll be posting more of Ashley's great creations in the near future.

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  1. I love it! Thanks for sharing, Leigh! If you see this on Atlas, don't be surprised!! :)


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