Wednesday, July 6, 2011

FREEBIE---Lollipop Patch Treats

 OK---I made a promise and I'm gonna keep it! In honor of my son's upcoming 5th birthday and reaching 50+ followers, I'm providing you with FREE printables to make this with a variety of options:

TEACHER CONNECTION: Use in the classroom as a welcome back treat or a treat for a child on his/ her birthday.
MAMA CONNECTION: Use these as party favors at birthday parties or back to school parties.
ANOTHER OPTION: the circle printables can also be used as cupcake toppers. Just tape a tooth pick to the back and stick into the top of a cupcake :)

Here is what you need: suckers, ribbon (the ones below are from the Target dollar section), thumb tacks, and a 4x4 styrophoam cube (the one below is from the Dollar Tree), card stock, tape, scissors, and my printables below.

1. Choose which sucker cover printable you would like from the options below. Print it out on cardstock. The circles can be cut out with scissors or using a 1.5" craft circle paper punch.

2. After the circles are cut out, tape them to the front of the sucker wrappers.
3. Tie a ribbon on the sucker stick.
4. To make the "patch", choose one of the printables below for the cover:


5. Print the cover out on cardstock. Cut out.
6. Tape the cover onto the front of the cube.
7. Cut four 4 inch ribbons pieces. Use thumb tacks to hold them in place along the edges of the face of the cube.
Here is another look at the final project.   

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