Saturday, July 30, 2011

DIY--Blog Button & Header

Ok, let me say that I am NOT technology savvy. I know the very BASIC in the computer business. When I recently purchased a new computer, the sales guy was asking me "computer" questions and all I could say was "I don't know". see now why I am so ECSTATIC that I created my own blog button and blog header!!!!! Six months ago, I didn't even know what a blog button was!

I wish I could give you a clear cut tutorial on how I did this, but I can't. I read some tutorials and took a little bit from each one and began playing. I will link the tutorials below. I will say that you need to use PICNIK and PHOTOBUCKET. I already had a premium membership to Picnik (LOVE that sight with photos I take from my camera). BUT I *think* everything you need you can get just by going to the site and not paying for a membership. Photobucket is FREE.

Here are some links to help you:

Make a button:
WORDPLAY BLOG: This tutorial is for making your own clip art with picnic, but this helped me make a button too. What you need here is the free where it says "This One" will see a blank screen, but it is actually a white graphic on a white background. To download, put your mouse in the upper left hand corner, right click, save picture (which is a white square) onto your computer. After that, upload it onto Picnik. Click the create tab and start playing :) I used the "Frames", "Text", and "Stickers".  Now save and share with PHOTOBUCKET. Now you have a button, check out the next tutorial to show you how to put it on your blog page.

Put Button on Blog Page:
Making Cute Blogs gives easy to follow instructions on how to get your button from PhotoBucket to your blog with a grab link. Thanks to Kim from Starbucks, Standards, and Staples for telling me about this blog! This blog also shows you how to create pages for your blog. I LOVE that Kim created a "Blog Button" page to host all the blog buttons she grabs. I am SOOOOO stealing this. Helps not to clutter my side bar so much :)

MANIC MOTHER also takes you through the steps of getting your button from Photobucket to your blog using pictures to help.

Making a header that matches your button:
Making Cute Blogs also helped me create my header and add it to my blog by using picnik. I followed the directions given uploading the blank white graphic I had saved in my computer from WORDPLAY BLOG (see details above) into each photo spot. Saved it as a blank collage. Then clicked "Create" and began making it look just like my button (follow the direction for the above).

I told you------not clear cut!!!! I probably confused you more!!!! BUT maybe at least one of these links will help :) I do ask that if you find this information helpful, please grab my button :)


  1. Alright...if you can do it, I am going to believe that I can do it!!!! I will let you know how it goes, fingers crossed :) I am feeling inspired!!!

    (stop by and see me...I'm new)

  2. Good luck. If you need any help, let me know. I can try my best to help....but really, I just played with it until it worked. Not sure of every step I may have taken :)

  3. Leigh, Thanks for the kudos, but they were not necessary. I was just happy to help! I know what you mean about being excited to create the button all by yourself and not knowing what the dude at the computer store was talking about. I am the same way!!!! I appreciate you mentioning me though!

  4. Yes, the button thing has driven me CRAZY. I, like you, am not computerliterate at all. It took me a week and I don't know how many tutorials. Still not happy with it because it's blurry, but will try again later-much later. Would love to have you as a follower.


  5. Ok, decided to take another stab at it and...drum roll please - SUCCESS. Thank you for the help. It wasn't as hard as I made it seem. Stop by and take a look when you get a chance. Thanks again!


  6. Thanks for the "followership" (don't think that really a word) but will blog about your help. There are so many new bloggers who need the same help. Oh, the one you saw was the new one, the last one was blurry.


  7. New Blogger here who was interested in how to make my own banner. Tried the Picnik route, but unfortunately it is closed. Any other ideas? Help!


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