Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Boy, Chores, and Rewards ( A Mommy Post)

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So Little Man is 5 now. He is about to start PreK in public school (he'll be at school with me!). We waited a year before starting school due to him being a boy with a summer birthday. That's for another post.....and it will come soon....I'm already thinking about it :) Anyways-----I've been working with him this summer on "chores". I really don't like that word because it suggests "extra work" to me. In reality, what I've had him do is something that just comes as a part of life----clean up after yourself and be responsible.
Though I do think these "chores" are just a part of life's skills, I also think some reward should come from getting it done. Now let me emphasis, there is a Huge, HUGE difference between BRIBES and REWARDS. But the line between them is often very fine. Bribing, for me, is like begging....and I DON'T beg.  BUT doing your chores because they are a part of your household duties and you have shown you are responsible in doing them, that deserves a Reward.

 Soooo......what kind of reward should I give???? Monetary Allowance? No, not yet. He doesn't understand the value of money so there would be no worth behind that. What does he LOVE???? That's easy----going to Blockbuster (the kid is in LOVE with blockbuster). But wait, do I take him to Blockbuster every time he cleans his room? Ummm....NO, I'd be broke! Plus he will not have learned the concept of saving. So here is what we came up with------

He has 5 chores: clean his room, clean the toys in living room, put away his clothes, clean his bathroom sink (geez, the toothpaste), and clean his eating area. Each time he does one of these, he colors a smiley face on his chore tracker. Once he colors 5 (row 1), he can pick out an extra bedtime story. When he colors 10 (row 2), we can take a trip to the public library for a book (he loves books *almost* as much as movies), and when he colors 15 (row 3)----BLOCKBUSTER!!!!
He's really excited about this, so we will see how long it lasts!! But for now, I'm going to take pleasure in his bathroom sink being kept clean :)

CLICK HERE for your copy of the generic chore tracker.

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