Sunday, July 10, 2011

The "B" words are on my mind!

1. BIRTHDAY----- my son's 5th birthday was today and we spent the WHOLE weekend celebrating. Really, does a 5 year old need to celebrate his birthday for an entire weekend?? In our case, YES! We are so blessed and thankful he is with us today. After spending a few years wondering if there would be a child in our family, we took an amazing leap of faith, trusting the Lord would take care of all the details, and we adopted. And WOW!!!! What an amazing little boy God sent to us. In our world, July 10, 2006 an angel was born just for us!!! So, yes we celebrate!!! I share this openly, because I have discovered that there is usually someone out there that may be going through some of the same struggles we dealt with or interested in adoption and if I didn't mention our story, they wouldn't know there is someone they could speak with about the matter. So......if this speaks to you, feel free to speak to me :)
2. BEACH----My family has one more beach trip planned before school starts back and it is quickly approaching!! I am looking so forward to a week of fun in the sun, sand, and waves!!!!! I'm counting down the days for my last summer sha-bang!
3.BACK TO SCHOOL---- As much as I try to resist, my mental back-to-school to-do list has started and is getting long. I'm thinking it is time to start writing it all down. But somewhere along the way, I MUST find my way away from blogs and pinterest where I find all these FANTASTIC ideas and actually start creating these ideas for my use!!!!!! So much easier just to imagine them being used in my room. And my son starts school this year!!! So. I'm thinking about back-to-school clothes and supplies for him as well as myself. But wait, wait----I still have a BEACH trip, so I'm trying to push it out of my mind!

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  1. We are beginning our process of adoption for a second time. The first time we got all the way to the home visits and stopped...five years later we are going to go through the whole process.



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