Sunday, June 26, 2011

Pet Rocks and Pet Rock Journals

Looking for something creative, but inexpensive to do on a rainy summer day? How about pet rocks!!! My 4 year old loved doing this. You could make one pet rock or a pet rock family!!! Use items around your house to create them. Cut out hair from paper towels, use buttons for eyes, get as creative as possible!!!! You can find more detailed instructions HERE.
In addition to creating the pet rocks, older kids could write stories about them. They could keep a pet rock journal. These rocks can travel with them this summer and play with them during the day. Each evening, the child journals about the pet rock's day. 


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Giving Credit

"Teachers make great thieves"...ever heard that quote? It is a very true! Most of our great ideas are "stolen" from someone else. Not all ideas on this blog are mine. I try to give credit where credit is due. However, if you find that an idea should have been given credit but wasn't, please let me know.
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