Monday, June 20, 2011

Helping preschoolers learn while they help sort laundry

What mom wouldn't like a little help sorting laundry?! Here is a way to get your preschooler involved in a household chore (sorting laundry) while learning a very important academic skill...sorting. While getting my almost 5 year old more involved in household chores in an effort to build more responsibility, I had an AH-HA moment. After I wash/dry his clothes, I place them in a pile in his room and he sorts them into categories (shorts, socks, etc.). He is old enough to place the items into their appropriate drawers. I, of course, have to be tolerant that they will not be folded neatly, but that's ok. He is gaining Independence and responsibility. I also realized that he is practicing the important skill of sorting. He enjoys doing this too! I don't have a secret to making it fun, maybe because it's new. I may have to get creative with that later. I encourage all mom of preschoolers to get this started in their home too. I have included a visual to use for kiddos who may need them. Just place the cards on the floor and have them place items accordingly.
Click the link below for free printables!!!


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Giving Credit

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