Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Double Domino---Multiplication

Teaching Blog Addict is hosting a multiplication link party. Check them out for some great ways to teach multiplication. Here is a game that I have included in the link party!
Here is a fun game to use when students are just learning about the relationship between addition and multiplication. This game focuses on doubles. This game is for 2-4 players.
1. Place dominoes face down.
2. Player 1 flips over a domino and creates an addition problem from the dots on the domino (example: a domino has 7 dots and 6 dots, so player solves 7+6=13). The domino is removed from the pile.
3. Player 2 takes a turn, doing the same thing and so on.
4. When a player flips over a domino that is a double (5+5), the player says "Double Domino" and writes the addition fact and multiplication fact (5+5=10, so 5x2=10), and that player earns a point.
5. The player with the most points (or most double dominoes), wins.
*Variation: instead of getting one point for double domino, the number of points would match the sum. For example, 5+5=10, so 5x2=10 would be 10 points for that player.*


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